Creating a community of ‘less’ minded people.

Lizzy Marks has been helping clients, families and businesses get LESSening since 2010. Her passion for creating serene spaces and ‘zen’ energy through smart systems and organization made a massive impact during her time as the GM of Franchise Operations with Blo Blow Dry Bar. Her natural inclination for establishing beautiful and highly functional rooms and businesses supported multiple franchises in opening their doors with ease and confidence - and not one blow dryer cord out of place.

While working at Blo, Lizzy had a lightbulb moment: while she loved helping others open their own businesses, deep down she wanted to do it for herself. Looking for a change of pace and a chance to explore self-employed status, she took her experience and penchant for organizing and built LESS. Her mission: to help individuals take control of their stuff, recover from a culture of excess and embrace the ‘fine but few’ lifestyle.

In the process of helping people purge, Lizzy pays special attention to move things through a product lifecycle and build a culture of ‘less’ to best support mama earth. By consigning clothes, safely recycling electronics and donating other goods, she’s committed to making the smallest impact with her client’s excess, while coaching them to use what they have and buy what they need.

‘I will make myself rich by making my wants few.’
- Henry Thoreau