Let me get my hands on your stuff.

Decluttering, purging, organizing. However you label it, LESS is into giving you the helping hands needed to sort through the layers of life you’ve been hanging onto, and get down to the things you really love.

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Bring your closet back to life. Out with the ‘ick’, in with the ‘yes!’. Get a feel for what clothes give you the best vibes, and set the rest free.



Apply the ‘fine but few’ concept to your closet. Learn how to build multiple outfits from a core wardrobe of versatile essentials.


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Whether it’s the most well-stocked junk drawer or a kid’s room overrun with toys, we’ve all got somewhere in our home that’s just too full. You pick the room, we build the plan together.



If it’s one room, often it’s two… or three. Whatever your goal, we’ll make a plan to create less stuff so you (and your family) can live more life.

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Consider us your ‘move traffic controller’. We can direct your complete move—from a pre-packing purge to unpacking + organizing—or hop on board anywhere along the way.



Consignment, donation, recycling and junk pick up coordination to put the ‘good’ into ‘good riddance’.



Personal shopping to find the in-home storage solutions you need to keep your space optimized and organized.


Friendly FYI: Consultations are always complimentary. They’re a chance for us to connect and see if we’re a fit, get an idea of what we’re working with, and build the most accurate quote for your LESSening needs.