Less Do It!

Hey ya’ll - welcome to Less! Part passion project, part dream job for a control freak, part way to give back to Mama Earth.  For me, the idea of organizing was something that came naturally, but somehow seemed unnaturally difficult to decide on as a career path. That said, after quitting my stressful job, followed by a cross-country move and complete lifestyle shake-up, organizing for actual dollars (I’ve done a lot of freebies over the years…) was at the top of a very short list.

I think a ton of people have the same dream or perhaps thought they did after reading Marie Kondo’s magical organizing how-to, but I’ve decided to take the plunge. Website – check, business cards – check, really cute organizing carryall filled with helpful goodies from Staples –check, check, check! The nature of this job however, can be anything but really cute.

Whoever said, “bless this mess” was clearly out of their mind. Don’t bless it, kick it to the curb! Stuff holds us down. It creates an unseen stress in our lives and you know what, you just don’t need it! Let’s spend our hard earned money on things we really need or love instead of adding to our ceramic cat collection – unless that is what you really love, please carry on. Our ‘stuff’ holds energy and when we have too much of it, our hearts, minds and living rooms get cluttered. I believe in starting and even though I’ve been stalling on this kickoff blog post (yikes!) all you need to do is make an effort to START. Whether you are willing to make an investment and have Less come and wave our magic wand or you want to take steps yourself, get to it!

Often the best lives are the ones lived most simply. It’s important to reflect on the impact our life choices and patterns of consumption have on not only our wallets, but also more significantly on the future of our planet. Without preaching, I want to encourage you to ask yourselves questions you may have not considered. Why do I feel the need to consume? How much is too much? How does this influence my life and lives of the people I love? (PREACH)

The posts that follow will include everything from organizing tips and tricks to useful products I come across to experiments I try in my own life (capsule wardrobes and adventures in conscious shopping included!). Becoming an entrepreneur is scary, but working for myself is something I have always wanted and I can’t wait to take you all along for the ride. They say that less is more, but less truly is less. So let’s create some space in our lives so we can fill it with memories instead of stuff.

Xo, Lizzy

Lizzy Marks